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Prestone Radiator Protect

Has Corrosion Inhibitor Technology that protects metal parts of the radiator system against rust and corrosion.

Prestone Radiator Protect is used instead of water to protect your car's radiator system against rust and corrosion. It has a proprietary Corrosion Inhibitor Technology that provides complete protection against corrosion and degradation of all radiator system metals, including aluminum.

It also has Leak Detection Technology that helps easily locate leaks in the radiator system by using UV light.

Use Prestone Radiator Protect instead of water.

  1. Do not add water. Review the vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine radiator system capacity.

  2. For vehicles with Expansion Tank: With engine cold remove pressure cap and fill tank with Prestone Radiator Protect to “cold” fill line. Replace cap securely.

For vehicles with Recovery Bottle and Pressure Cap on Radiator: With engine cold remove radiator cap and add Prestone Radiator Protect to within 1 inch of the top of radiator cap. Top off recovery bottle to “cold” fill line.

  1. Check fluid level after 1 or 2 days. If consistently low have radiator system checked for leaks with “black” light. For flush & fill, use Prestone Coolant Concentrate

  2. Wash exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water after use. Clean up any spills or leaks immediately. Tighten the cap after use.

WARNING: Do not remove radiator cap when engine is hot. See owner’s manual for any special radiator system service instructions. Do not store radiator additive in open or unlabeled containers.

For coolant system requiring better boilover – use Prestone Coolant Concentrate, as directed.

Corrosion Inhibitor Technology

  • Prestone Radiator Protect is made up of special anti-corrosion agents that provides complete protection against rust and corrosion and degradation of all radiator system metals, including aluminum.

Leak Detection Technology

  • Leaks are easily detected using UV light

1 Liter
4 Liters (recommended for Flush & Fill)