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Our Company

In the 1920’s Prestone® was introduced in the market by National Carbon Company Inc. using ethylene glycol antifreeze in cans, with published charts showing protection afforded by specific quantities. It would not boil away or burn, and was comparatively odorless, offering a distinct advantage to some of the substances used previously with water, such as honey, sugar, molasses and, the most popular, methyl alcohol. It was then developed by Union Carbide through the years and eventually acquired by First brands at Danbury Connecticut USA in 1986.

The Clorox Company, acquired First Brands Corporation in 1998 that resulted into the merger of First Brands Philippines. Inc. with PACICO International Philippines. Inc., a subsidiary of the Clorox International Company Inc. USA. Clorox International Philippines Inc. (CIPI), as it is now called in the Philippines, is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Clorox Company USA – a dynamic international organization whose principal business is building brand franchises in categories where it can best use its core strengths.

Clorox Philippines is engaged in the business of manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing Prestone Brake Fluid, Coolant and other functional fluids. It also is the distributor of STP in the Philippine market.