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Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics

  1. The promo is open to all residents of the Philippines.
  2. To be able to join the promo:
    1. The participant must go to the Prestone Philippines Official website:
    2. Log on to “Help Prestoner get out of the Maze” website application.
    3. Register his/her Salutation, Name, Email-Address, Mobile Number, Birthday, and Home Address.
    4. Once the registration has been completed, the three (3) missions will be flashed on the screen. These three missions are (1) know how many road signs present in the maze; (2) answer the mini quizzes about Prestone products and (3) discover the Road Safety message of the week. There will be icons that need to be collected to complete the missions. The icons represent each mission.
      1. Road Signs – when Prestoner passed through this icon, the user will gain 25 points per road sign. There will be 10 road signs per maze. The user must collect 10 road signs to earn more points.
      2. Broken Cars – when Prestoner passed this icon, a mini quiz about Prestone product will pop up. There will be 5 questions per maze. The user will get 50 points per correct answer.
      3. Key – when Prestoner passed this icon, a random word will be collected. This random word will be used at the end of the game to unscramble the Road Safety Message of the week. The road safety message is equivalent to 500 points.

        *In the event that the app user discovered the road safety message and did not finish collecting the road signs and broken cars, he/she has the option to complete the icons as long as he/she has the remaining time.

    5. The user will direct Prestoner out of the maze by using the arrow keys.
    6. Each participant will be given three (3) tries per day to help Prestoner get out of the maze. Each try has a time limit of 10 minutes to complete the mission. Top 3 participants between Monday to Sunday will be declared as winners.

      *If the top 3 winners have the same scores, the latest user who got that score will lead the scoreboard.

  3. Participants need to register once to be able to join the promo. The registered email-address will be used in logging in to the game again.
  4. Promo period runs from November 21 – December 19, 2016.

Selection Of Winners

  • Formal announcement of winners shall be posted on the website of Prestone Philippines.
  • If a participant is included in the list of top 3 players, he/she must have a valid registered details to be declared as a winner.


  • Winners shall receive Sodexo Gift Certificates and Prestone Gift Pack.
    Top 1 – PHP 2,500 worth of Sodexo Gift Certificates plus Prestone Gift Pack
    Top 2 – PHP 1,500 worth of Sodexo Gift Certificates plus Prestone Gift Pack
    Top 3 – PHP 1,000 worth of Sodexo Gift Certificates plus Prestone Gift Pack

Notifying Winners

  • Winners shall be notified via website announcement and through his/her registered email-address.

Claiming of Prizes

  1. To claim the prizes, winners have to present the following:
    • Photocopy of a valid ID with photo (e.g. Passport, Driver’s License, Postal ID, SSS ID, Voter’s ID, Company ID, Student ID, etc)
    • Email notification confirming the winning entry.
  2. If the winner is from Manila, he/she can claim his/her prize from C3 Interactive Manila Office. If the winner is from province, he/she will receive his/her prize via courier.
  3. In case the winner/s is/are not available, he/she can have his/her representative to claim the prize as long as the representative has an authorization letter, photocopy of valid ID of the official winner/s and the print copy of email notification letter of the winner/s. The representative must also present his/her valid ID.
  4. Clorox International Philippine, Inc. will not shoulder any transportation costs in claiming the cash prize or any related expenses.
  5. Prizes not claimed 30 days after receipt of notification shall be forfeited. The decision of Prestone Philippines on this regard is final.


  1. There is no purchase requirement to join the promo.
  2. This promo is not valid in conjunction with other existing promos and discounts.
  3. Prizes are not transferable and are not convertible to cash.
  4. All information acquired from the registration will be regarded as highly confidential.
  5. Participants who PROVIDED false information shall have their entries automatically disqualified.
  6. All employees of Clorox International Philippines Inc., its agencies and their family and relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.